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Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand-246174

Sr. No.TitleCircular No.
1 ../writereaddata/FEEDBACK STUDENTS.pdf Students feedback on CBCS Examination System image Students feedback on CBCS Examination System
2 ../writereaddata/Notification No. 101 (HNBGU).pdf Notification regarding Submission of Ph.D. Thesis image HNBGU/2018/101 Date: 20/03/2018
3 ../writereaddata/rcpapers.pdf Vehicle R C Papers for parking pass image Vehicle R C Papers for parking pass
4 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 905 (S&P).pdf Office Orede Regarding GeM Training image HNBGU/purchase/2018/905 Date 13/4/2018
5 ../writereaddata/Circular NO. 171.pdf Documents image RO/2018/171 Date : 25/04/2018
6 ../writereaddata/Offce Order 167.pdf Office order regarding appointment of Assistant Director of Faculty Development Centre image RO/2018/167 Date:24/04/2018
7 ../writereaddata/Office Order 166.pdf Office regarding Nomination of Chairperson of Anti Discrimination Cell image RO/2018/166 date:24/04/2018
8 ../writereaddata/Office Order No.156.pdf Office order regarding use of own car image hnbgu/RO/2018/156 DATED 20/04/2014
9 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 140 (FTS).pdf Office Order File Tracking System image RO/2018/140 Date : 12/04/2018
10 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 112.pdf Library Advisory Committee image HNBGU/RO/112 Dated 2/4/2018
11 ../writereaddata/Notification No. 99 (HNBGU).pdf Notice Regarding Affiliation of Courses image HNBGU/2018/99 Date 20/03/2018
12 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 1511.pdf Office order regarding UGC Grant HNBGU/FO/2018/1511 Date: 09/02/2018
13 ../writereaddata/Notificationvc.pdf Vice Chancellor's Joining Notification image RO/08/2018 dated 06.01.2018
14 ../writereaddata/Office_Order_No._314.pdf Office order regarding appoint of Assistant Director of the (PMMMNMTT) image RO/HNBGU/2017/314 Date:17/18-08-2017
15 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 312 (Five Day Week).pdf Office order regarding five day week image RO/2017/312 Date: 17/08/2017
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