(A Central University)
Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand-246174

Sr. No.TitleCircular No.
1 ../writereaddata/Notification NO. 406 (Chancellor, HNBGU).pdf Chancellor’s Appointment Notification image HNBGU/RO/2018/406 Dated 9/10/2018
2 ../writereaddata/ltc office order.pdf LTC ticket Booking - reg. image HNBGU/FO/2016/288 dated 10/05/2016
3 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 5056 (Engagement of Outsource).pdf Office Order regarding engagement of outsource image HNBGU/Admin./2018/5056 Date: 06/10/2018
4 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 400.pdf Office Order No 400 image HNBGU/RO/2018/400 Date 6/10/2018
5 ../writereaddata/degree status.pdf Information about Degree available at respective colleges at Dehradun image HNBGU/DEGREE/2018/343 Dated 26/09/2018
6 ../writereaddata/001.jpg Circular regarding submission of Election Expenditure Details image Election/2018 date 15/09/2018
7 ../writereaddata/Notification No. 9102 (B.Ed. and M.Ed. Affiliation).pdf M.Ed. Courses image HNBGU/affiliation/9102 date: 14/09/2018
8 ../writereaddata/Notification No. 1364.pdf List of Teaching Staff image Notification No. 1364
9 ../writereaddata/Notification No. 4060.pdf List of Non Teaching Staff image Notification No. 4060
10 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 360.pdf Appointment of Visitor's Nominees in the Academic Council image RO/HNBGU/2018/360 Dated
11 ../writereaddata/appex election.pdf Apex Body Election Notification image Election Notification 2
12 ../writereaddata/bcc election.pdf Student Union Election Notification image Election Notification 1
13 ../writereaddata/degree.pdf Deputy Registrar work Distribution image RO/2018/339 Dated 16/08/2018
14 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 333.pdf Office Regarding Sessional Examination image RO/2018/333 date 13/08/2018
15 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 334.pdf Admission in PG and B.P.Ed. image RO/2018/334 Date 14/08/2018
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