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Women Cell for "Combating Sexual Harassment" and Creation of Healthy Environment in University



The effort to provide equal status for women in the Indian Society began with the formation of our Constitution. It has been clearly written in the preamble of the Indian Constitution that there would be no disparity and discrimination on the basis of sex or gender of a person living in India. The Fundamental Rights, Duties and the Directive Principles which are described in our Constitution also repeat the above mentioned feelings and vision. The Indian Constitution not only satisfies by giving equal rights to the women but also empowers the states by giving them the right to provide some special rights to the women for their empowerment. The main purpose of our laws, developmental policies, planning and programmes in our democratic set-up is to empower women and to ascertain their participation in all activities. Keeping this purpose in mind at the international level too, India has always supported the declarations to end the disparities and discriminations against women. A clear difference can be seen between the theoretical and practical attitude in the context of women because women on account of being women, have to face harassment on several accounts. Domestic violence and sexual harassment are considered as major violence against women throughout the world. Due to these reasons in the national and international platforms the agenda to check violence against women always remains one of the most important items of any discussions. In different seminars and programmes that have their focus on the women's issues, the discussions always revolve around the ways and means of making women more capable and competent so that they do not have to face any types of mental, physical and emotional difficulty at their work places. As a result of enhancing educational level, women are coming forward out of the confines and security of their home to work in different institutions and organisations. With this the numbers of cases of harassment of women also are increasing. In most of the cases due to the lack of any helping institution, women have to quietly bear the sexual harassment. As a matter of fact, the protection of women's rights at her working place is directly related to the growth of her work efficiency: both mental as well as physical. Hence, the creation of a healthy environment in the institutions, where women also work, has become inevitable. Keeping this in mind, to check the incidents of the harassment of women at their working place, as per the directives gives by our Hon'ble Supreme Court, the Government of India's Human Resource Ministry has made it compulsory for all the institutions to create and establish special women cells.


Permanent Women Cell for looking after the problems and complaints regarding women harassment has been established in the University, since March 2003.



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