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Computer Centre

University Grants Commission has been providing financial assistance to Universities for setting up Computer Centre as a Central Facility for the growth and development of teaching research other related activities. During the VII five-year plan (1986-1987) Computer Centre as Central Facility was sanctioned to our University for the following purpose;

  1. Research and training
  2. Promoting use of computers in every field/subject
  3. Supporting the development of MCA/M.Sc. (Computer Science) programmes and Computer Applications papers at Postgraduate level in certain disciplines.
List of Officers in Computer Department
S. No








1 Sri. Sanjiv Srivastavas


System Manager & Head hnbgucc@nic.in Sri. Sanjiv Srivastavas


Mrs. Roshni Chauhan Computer Operater    


Sri. R.S.Kaintura Computer Operater kaintura.rs@gmail.com  


Sri. Lalit Tamta Computer Operater lalit_tamta@yahoo.com  


Office Staff Senior Assistant    

Since its inception the Computer Centre has contributed significantly in developing the IT infrastructure of the University and fulfilling the computing requirement of the University. In view of the importance of technological advancement and increasing dependence on IT, University has drawn its priorities on IT infrastructure and encouraging the use of IT in the University.


Managing the following facilities;

  • Lease line installed at Central Library building, Srinagar.or the Internet access
  • Almost 50 individual broadband connections at different locations
  • 128 Kbps VSAT at Pauri Campus
  • 128 Kbps VSAT at Tehri campus
  • Day to day Updating and maintenance of University web portal.
  • 1 Gbps connectivity link under NMEICT project at Central Library building Chauras.
  • Establishment of campus wide network in University (campus survey of Srinagar, Chauras, Tehri, Pauri has been done and other work will be started very shortly).
  • Bilingual University web site (English & Hindi both).

NMEICT Project
Under the policy National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, New Delhi has sanctioned 1 Gbps connectivity link to our University. University has three campuses and LAN is to be established at all three Campuses. The campus network shall be utilized for inter-department connectivity as well as campus to campus connectivity, to provide information sharing, allowing working together more effectively in cohesive manner through 1 Gbps connectivity link.

Objective of NMEICT Project: => One network to achieve the following goals
1 Inter-University closed user groups
2 Multi-disciplinary research
3 Collaborative Research with other National Labs
4 Virtual Class Rooms
5 Data Centre resource access

Participation in Global Research like LHC/ ALLICE

5 Access to Internet and Global Research Network
6 Fanning Out to accommodate all the colleges


All branded equipments such as (servers, desktops, laptops, networking components, power supply etc.) required for the above purpose.

All the above are in use by the faculty members /research scholars / students staff etc. in the University for their Various Kind of academic activities.

Future projections
The University endeavors to provide Internet facility to all Departments in University, and develop Campus wide connectivity of the University in all three Campuses based on the latest technology (WiFi/Wimax with backbone of optical fiber etc.). It also proposes to have campus networking, establishment of web server, mail server for independent Hosting of web portal. 

UGC- Infonet Lab
The Infonet is a major initiative undertaken by the University Grants Commission to bring the benefits of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to all the Universities and colleges in India. Under the UGC Infonet/INFLIBNET programme, the University was also identified and is now connected on the Intranet and Internet through ERNET backbone, the largest nationwide terrestrial and satellite network with point of presence located at the premier educational and research institutions. UGC Infonet, a Wide Area Network programme is a setup linking the Universities and other academic institutions. This network will facilitate Inter-University communication as well as easy access to Internet. The programme is directed towards modernization of Libraries, transfer and access, learning academic pursuits by establishing a national network of Libraries and Information Centers of higher learning and R & D institutions across the country, a vital facility having the academic significance.

The primary aim of the Infonet is to provide electronic access to the literature. An increasing number of publishers now offer electronic access declining from print subscription. The literature covers essentially all fields of learning, including Social Science, Humanities, Physical, Chemical, Bbiological Science, Mathematics etc. This has brought the Universities at par with the best research and academic institutions in the country. The connectivity will facilitate the University to communicate with the other Universities in the country, abroad and also share library resources established by Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET). The aim towards the establishment of UGC-Infonet/INFLIBNET Centre is to provide the access of Library facility through Internet, to the University staff/students for their virtual enhancement of the academic status, ongoing academic activities in the Universities, Research Institutions etc. The Infonet is enabling the university sector and college community to actively participate in the process of learning and teaching, regardless of their geographical locations.

Under this prestigious Programme, the University established the INFONET laboratory and since then it is providing the facility to access almost 6500 journals (full text) covering all areas of learning.

A Laboratory having 2 Mbps leased line with 24 IBM P-IV, Server etc. machines in a Client/Server architecture, have been installed at Central Library, for the purpose. The above facility is now being used by faculties, research scholars, and students.

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