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Srinagar (Garhwal) Uttarakhand-246174

Sr. No.TitleCircular No.
1 ../writereaddata/revised SWAYAM Board order.pdf University SWAYAM Board image Ref. HNBGU/RO/2019/58 Dated: 20/02/19
2 ../writereaddata/gst mandatory.pdf GST Number Mandatory on Bill image HNBGU/FO/735 Dated 22/02/2019
3 ../writereaddata/Notificaion No.44.pdf Notification regarding constitution of IQAC image HNBGU/RO/2019/44 Dated: 11/02/2019
4 ../writereaddata/Office Order No 45.pdf Office Order regarding (Assistant Director IQAC) image HNBGU/RO/2019/45 Dated 11/02/2019
5 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 38 (Language Lab Committee).pdf Office Order Regarding Establishment of Language Lab image RO/2019/38 dated: 06/02/2019
6 ../writereaddata/Office Order 37 (CLP Lab).pdf c Officer of the CLP Lab. image RO/2019/37 Dated: 06/02/2019
7 ../writereaddata/Office Order 36 (Centre Supritendent.pdf Office Order Regarding Centre Superintendent of Examination image RO/2019/36 dated:06/02/2019
8 ../writereaddata/Office Order 35 (Recuritmen Section).pdf Constitution of Recruitment Section in the University - reg. image RO/2019/35 Dated: 06/02/2019
9 ../writereaddata/commencement of session.JPG Department of Education: Commencement of session image Edu/13588 Dated:23/01/2019
10 ../writereaddata/Notification recounti.pdf Notification regarding Cancellation of election for the post of President of Student Union of Birla Campus HNBGU/VC/2019/8266 Dated: 18/01/2019
11 ../writereaddata/Flag Celebration.pdf Notification regarding flag celebration 26th January image HNBGU/Admn//2019 Date 17/01/2019
12 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. 498 (Nodal Officer Landscaping of Campuses).pdf Office Order regarding Nodal officer for Landscaping of all the Campuses. image RO/2018/498 Date 19/12/2018
13 ../writereaddata/Circular No. 494.pdf Circular regarding refund of late fee payment image HNBGU/RO/494 Date 10/12/2018
14 ../writereaddata/New Doc 2018-12-06 16.05.54_1.pdf Office Order Regarding Transaction Audit image HNBGU/FO/579 Date:06/12/2018
15 ../writereaddata/Office Order No. FO 561 (Transaction Audit).pdf Office Order Regarding Transaction Audit image HNBGU/FO/2018/561 Date:26/11/2018
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