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Library - Srinagar Campu

University Library System

HNB Garhwal University Library System started its journey four decades ago with the establishment of the University in the year 1973 as a central facility for meeting the information requirements of the academic community of the university. The Central Library of HNB Garhwal University has been shifted to its new permanent Central Library building and started functioning since 1989.

The new building is having the total plinth area of 38,700 sq.ft. (appx). The Central Library a three-storey building at Birla campus is having a reading facility for the capacity for 200 users at a time. Apart from the Central Library at Birla Campus, a well equipped library at Chauras Campus has been established in the year 2003 which is having a very good collection, especially on the subjects like Science & Technology and Management. Both the campuses (Tehri and Pauri) of HNBGU are also having the libraries with an excellent collection of learning resources.

The Knowledge Resources available in HNBG University Library System has been categorized in 09 collections and accordingly, arranged and maintained separately: 1) Text Book Collection, 2) Reference Collection, 3) Periodical Collection, 4) Theses Collection, 5) Reports and Conference Proceedings Collection, 6) Manuscripts and rare documents Collection, 7) Himalayan and Uttarakhand Collection, 8) Audio-Visual Collection and 9) Digital and electronic Collection.

▪ Library Timings
Opening hours
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Library will be closed during HNB Garhwal Central University declared gazetted holidays and Sunday)

Manual of Library Use

  • As per time-table all books from the library will be issue or allotted to students only for 28 days, if any student does not return the book to the library within the specified period then he/she has to pay one rupee as overdue fine.
  • 2. The books will be issued according to following number :
    • a) Four books to the students of Graduation Arts/Science and three books to the Graduation Commerce.
    • b) Six books to the students of Post Graduation Arts/Science/Commerce.
    • c) Four books to the student of B.ED & M.ED in faculty of education.
    • d) Three books to the students of vocational course.
    • e) Six books to the research Scholars.
  • The study material will be issued to the students as per directed by the time table.
  • The books will be distributed on the second day after submission of name of the book, writer and class etc. to the library in details. But above indent will not be reserved till three days.
  • Reference material and study room material will be used in the library only, it will not be distributed for taking outside of library.
  • The issued library material will be asked to submit any time as per need of other students. All the materials of library must be submitted before the University examination.
  • Care of the issued study material is the full responsibility of borrower so the student must be satisfied by checking the issued material. In case any book is lost or damaged, the student shall replace the book or pay the cost of replacement at current printed price.
  • If anyone behave against the library rule/order, library committee has right to debar him to using library or will write to the University administration for further disciplinary action.
  • No Dues certificate will be issued on the next day of submission of application form of the students who are willing No Dues certificate.
  • The students to whom books are issued from the departmental library itself, as per rule-1 books are not being issue to them.
  • The books issued by the library and self study material are restricted to bring in library to study.


Details of the Libraries during the reporting year i.e. 2018-19:


Collection of Books and Journals: The University Library system has a stock of more than Five lakh books, out of which 10481 books have been added to the collection during 2018-19. A total number of 125 Newspapers and Magazines have been subscribed during this period.

Distribution of Collection

Srinagar Chauras Tehri Pauri Total
2,28,154 documents 66,702 documents 1,37,677 documents 1,17,801 documents 5,50,334 documents

Campus wise users

Campus No. of Users
Central Library More than 5000
Chauras Library More than 1500
Tehri Campus Library More than 1500
Pauri Campus Library More than 1500

Total seating capacity

Campus Seating capacity
Central Library 200
Chauras Library 150
Tehri Campus Library 150
Pauri Campus Library 124


S. No. Name of Subject
01 Arts, Humanities & Law
02 Art & Vocational Education
03 Biomedical & Life Sciences
04 Biochemistry
05 Chemistry & Material Science
06 Commerce, Business Management & Economics
07 Computer Science & Information Technology
08 Defence, International Relations, Crime & Forensic Sciences
09 Earth & Environmental Science
10 Economics
11 Engineering & Technology
12 Forestry
13 General Science
14 Mathematics & Statistics
15 Media & Mass Communication
16 Pharma Science
17 Pharmaceutical Science
18 Philosophy
19 Physical Education
20 Physics & Astronomy
21 Psychology
22 Seed Science
23 Sociology
24 Zoology

Use of ICT in the library

a) Electronic (e-books, e-journals): E-books: 7789

S. No. Publishers No. of Titles
01 Springer 2735
02 Elsevier 212
03 Taylor & Francis 300
04 World Technologies 4542

b) E-journals (Consortia): 2500+
c) E-database: 01 (JCCC)
d) Details of resources provided by INFLIBNET

E-resources & Databases

S. No. Publishers URL No. of Titles
01 Economic & Political Weekly http://www.epw.in 01
02 Institute for Studies in Industrial Development (ISID) http://isid.org.in/ -
03 JSTOR http://www.jstor.org/ 2585
04 J Gate plus (JCCC) http://jgateplus -

INFLIBNET/IUC facilities: Institution is a member of INFLIBNET since inception of INFLIBNET with active engagement in following activities/Programs:

  • UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium
  • Shodhganga
  • Shodhgangotri
  • Plagiarism Detection Software

Library automation
Retrospective conversion process, like data entry classification and cataloguing have been initiated by the library. In the first phase, computerisation process of Central library at Birla Campus has been initiated and is underway. A collection of more than one lakh books has been classified, catalogued and made inventory in machine readable form.

  • Total number of computers for general access: 40 computers are available for general access
  • Total number of printers for general access: Two in Central Library
  • Institutional Repository: Central Library is maintaining a repository of theses collection.

Details of the annual library budget and the amount spent for purchasing new books, e-books and journals:

Year 2018-19
Spent on Books, Print and e-Journals (INR) 45,58,544=00

Dr. Madan Singh Rana

University Librarian
Ph.: +91-01346-260622
Mob.: +91-9412058290

Email: msrana_2007@yahoo.co.in

Mr. Pawan Singh Bisht

Professional Assistant (Central Library)
Ph.: +91-01346-252322
Mob.: +91-9997868547

Email: bisht_pawan@gmail.com

Mr. Chandramohan Bhatt

Professional Assistant (Central Library)
Ph.: +91-01346-252528
Mob.: +91-9412111148

Email: cm_bhatt@rediffmail.com

Mr. Sanjay Gautam

Professional Assistant (Central Library)
Ph.: +91-01346-252528
Mob.:  +91-9411180886

Email: gautamsanjay422@gmail.com

Mr. Narendra Datt Jhaldiyal

Professional Assistant (Chauras Campus Library)
Ph.: +91-01370-267667
Mob.:  +91-9412912738

Email: jhaidiyalnarendr@gmail.com

Mrs. Minta Chauhan

Professional Assistant (Pauri Campus Library)
Mob.:  +91-9410538979

Mr. Hansraj Singh Bisht

Semi Professional Assistant (Tehri Campus Library)
Ph.: +91-01376-254064
Mob.:  +91-941291001

Email: hansrajbisht11@gmail.com

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