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Dean Student Welfare

The Dean of Students’ Welfare is responsible for advising and assisting students in matters requiring advice and help for overall welfare is the students. DSW helps the students respect of (i) obtaining admission to the courses of study in the University and other institutions and the proper pursuit of such courses, (ii) Supervising lodging and boarding arrangements, (iii) The choice of suitable part-time vocational, training and other courses, pastimes and interests, (iv) Obtaining advice and assistance in medical and health matters, (v) Securing scholarships, stipendiary, part-time employment and other pecuniary support,  (vi) Availing travel facilities for educational excursions and vacations,  (vii) Pursuing opportunities for further studies abroad and employment, (viii) Conducting themselves in the pursuit of their studies as to maintain the traditions of the University and, (ix) Looking after the University student career counseling and placement activities.

The Dean is the Ex-Officio Chairperson of the Students’ Council. The Office of the Dean of Students’ Welfare is located in the Birla Campus, Srinagar. The responsibilities of the Dean of Students’ Welfare in respect to Tehri and Pauri Campuses are discharged by the Assistant Dean(s) of Students’ Welfare in consultation with the Director of the Campus. The Assistant Deans of Students’ Welfare work in coordination with Dean of Students’ Welfare. The broad framework of the nature of the work of the DSW office is as given below:

(i) Scholarships, Studentships, Bursaries and Free ships

(ii) Students’ Council

(iii) Facility of Rail Concession

(iv) Personality Development and Co-curricular Activities

    (a) Promotion of Sports

    (b) Promotion of Cultural Activities

    (c) National Cadet Corps (NCC)

    (d) National Service Scheme (NSS)


Scholarships, Studentships, Bursaries and Freeships

The University has been providing the students with several Scholarships, Studentships and Bursaries. The Scholarships, Studentships and Bursaries were granted as per the Central University rules. The Studentships and Bursaries in this category are reserved for SC/ST, OBC and disabled students. National Scholarship, Bursary are admissible to meritorious students and Asevit Studentship to students from remote hilly regions. In addition to the above, the University granted the following Scholarships to outstanding students out of its own resources:

A. Merit Scholarship to B.Ed. Students: Six students securing the top six positions in the entrance examination conducted by the University for admission to      B.Ed. are granted a monthly Scholarship of   Rs. 200/- each.

B. Merit Scholarship to BPL Students: This Scholarship of Rs. 1500/- per month is granted to a maximum of ten talented students of the University belonging to     BPL category.

Further, Dependents of Ex-Servicemen are eligible for the Ex-Serviceman Scholarship available from the Soldier Board of their native District.

Students of the University also avail the following privately sponsored Merit-cum-Need based Scholarships:

1. Shri Kalyaneshwar Temple Scholarship: The Kalyaneshwar Temple Trust, Srinagar, grants scholarships to meritorious poor students of both Under -     Graduate and Post-Graduate Courses. Details regarding the number of Scholarships available and the eligibility criteria for the same are available in the office of     the Kalyaneshwar Temple Trust located in Srinagar (Garhwal), Uttarakhand.

2. Smt. Shanti Devi Shaligram Bhatt Scholarship: Three Students of the University are granted this Scholarship every year. Two of these Scholarships are     granted to students of Under-Graduate or Post-Graduate Courses and one fellowship to the student of Mass Communication who have secured at least 60%     and 50% marks respectively in the preceding examination provided that the annual income of the applicant's family does not exceed Rs. 60,000/- (sixty     thousand) per annum.

3. Shyam Charan Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to the two meritorious students belonging to Economically Weaker Sections (EWS).

4. Aditya Ram Barthwal Scholarship: This scholarship of Rs. 300/- per month is granted to poor meritorious students of the first-year of P.G. courses.

5. Shail Suman Scholarship: This Merit Scholarship is granted to the students of M.Sc. Botany (previous year) only.

6. Shri Dev Raghavrag Trust Scholarship: This Merit Scholarship is granted to the student of M.Sc. Physics (previous) who has secured the highest marks in     the B.Sc. examination.

7. Kalpeshwari Devi Scholarship: This Scholarship is granted to the students securing the highest marks in Hindi in B.A. or M.A. (previous) examination.

8. National Sanskrit Sansthan Research Scholarship: This Scholarship is available to the Post-graduate students and Research Scholars of Sanskrit.

9. Smt. Leela Kala Research Scholarship: Research Scholars in the Department of Botany working on the topic pertaining to various facets of Garhwal     Himalayas are eligible for this Scholarship.

The details of these fellowships are available in the Office of the Dean of Students Welfare.

In addition to the various Scholarships, Studentships and Bursaries, the University provides deserving students with Freeships from the Economically Weaker Sections of the society. Notification inviting applications from students seeking the waiver of their Tuition Fee is issued every year shortly after the completion of the admission process. The details of these fellowships are available in the Office of the Dean of Students Welfare.

Students' Council

The Students’ Council is yet to come into effect. So far, the elected body of students in the University is in the form of Student Union and Apex Body. The University in 2010-11 continued to conduct the students’ elections as done in previous years.

Student Union in 2010-2011

The elections to the Students’ Union were conducted by the University in all three Campuses. The Union Elections were held on 23-10-2010 at Srinagar-Chauras Campus; Pauri Campus and Tehri Campus. The University conducted the election for Apex body as per the Supreme Court guidelines on 29-10-2010.

Facility of Railway Concession:

The regular students of the University are entitled to get concession in the fare to travel by railways under certain circumstances. The requisite Application Form for availing this facility is available with the Office of the DSW or the Director of the Campus(s). The travel concession is granted for the following purposes:

i. Traveling to and from home town during long vacations.

ii. Participating in educational, sports and cultural events organized by the Indian Inter-University Federation.

iii. Educational tours or visiting places of historical, artistic and cultural importance.

iv. Rendering service at times of emergency in the country or participating in collective/group programmes.

Personality Development and Co-curricular Activities

The University attaches great importance to the development of the personality of its students by providing them adequate opportunities for participating in co-curricular and constructive activities. To this end, several initiatives have been taken and the following avenues are provided:

(a) Promotion of Sports

The University focuses strongly on the promotion of games and sports. To achieve this end, a Sports Council has been constituted to encourage students to participate in sports and raising the sporting standards of the University. The Council regularly organizes Faculty, Campus and University level Sports Meet every year. The University has initiated steps to strengthen the facilities for promotion of sports activities. The activities organized and the accomplishments made during the year 2010-11 are given separately in this report.

(b) Promotion of Cultural Activities

The Cultural Council of the University assisted by Campus Committees organizes and conducts a variety of cultural and literary activities in all the three Campuses round the year. Working under the general supervision of the Council, Campus Cultural Committees at SRT Campus, Badhshahithaul, Tehri and BGR Campus, Pauri are constituted by the Director of the Campus concerned and consist of the Assistant Dean Students' Welfare and Students' representatives. The Committees conduct and organize cultural activities including Campus level competitions and functions in both the campuses. A similar Committee constituted for the purpose and consisting of the DSW, faculty members and representatives of students, shoulders the responsibility of organizing inter-faculty, inter-collegiate, Inter-University and National level cultural and literary activities, competitions and functions at Birla Campus, Srinagar as well as at the University level.

(c) National Cadet Corps (NCC)

NCC training is being imparted to students in all the three Campuses of the University, which comes under the State Directorate of NCC in Uttarakhand headquartered at Dehradun. The control of the activities of NCC Units in Birla Campus Srinagar and SRT Campus BadshahiThaul is under 31 UK BN NCC Hardwar while the activities of the NCC Unit in BGR Campus Pauri are controlled by NCC (Independent) Company Pauri. NCC Group Headquarter of these units is at Roorkee. Students (of both sexes) studying in Under Graduate Classes may join NCC and undergo a two-year training programme. NCC 'B' and 'C' Certificate holders are given due preference in admission to higher classes in the University and they are also granted due preference/reservation in the recruitment to the Armed and Para military forces. Further information in this respect is available with the NCCOfficers in the respective Campuses.

(d) National Service Scheme (NSS)

Units of the National Service Scheme (NSS) have been organized in all the three Campuses for motivating students to participate in social work. The scheme is implemented by Programme Officers working under the supervision of a Coordinator. Students of Under-graduate courses are eligible for enrolling under the Scheme. Students enrolled in the NSS have to participate in its activities for two years for obtaining the NSS Certificate. The regular activities and special camps of NSS are organized under the Scheme. Only such students who put in 120 hours of social work every year under routine activities for two years and have attended at least one special camp are eligible for receiving the NSS Certificate. At present, there are ten units of the NSS in the Birla Campus Srinagar, four units in the BGR Campus Pauri and six units in the SRT Campus Badshahithaul. The intake capacity for each unit is hundred students. Further details regarding the scheme and the method of enrollment under the same are available in the Office of the Coordinator of the National Service Scheme at Birla Campus, Srinagar.

Discipline Maintenance and code of conduct for Students


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