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Library - Pauri Campus

Central Library, B.G.R Campus Pauri

Central Library, B.G.R Campus Pauri is an integral part of the campus situated in the scenic city of Pauri, one of the campuses of H.N.B.G.U, A Central University, Srinagar (Garhwal). The library offers a variety of services to its users on a daily basis for all working days of the campus. These services include information access in the form of books including not only the syllabus-oriented textbooks but also extracurricular dimensions. Textbooks and reference books of all disciplines of Science, Social Science and Management etc are available.

The Library building is constructed in four floors which include a large reading room, textbook section, reference section, offices and other technical sections. There is also a computer Lab setup which is initially functional for staff members and work is in progress to make it available for student use too. These sections are managed by four regular and nine outsourced employees with a security guard at entrance. Library is situated at the most easily accessible location between the Arts faculty and Science faculty buildings of the campus and hence provides learning facilities to all students, staff members and other users precisely.

Other details of the library are as follows:

Floor-vise distribution of Library Sections:

Floor Sections
Ground Computer Lab, SC-ST Book Section, B.Ed Library
First Newspaper Section, Reading room, Office.
Second Textbook Section, Accession Room
Third Reference Section

Acquisition Section:

All information sources including documents in physical as well as digital form are procured, classified, accessioned and arranged in a proper order for easy search according to user requirement.

Textbook Section:

This section comprises of books pertaining to subjects of college curriculum for reading purpose in the reading room. It provides a wide range of content to the readers on every topic they search for and a collection of well classified texts potent of enhancing academic and intellectual skills of users.

Reference Section:

A separate floor is dedicated for reference activities. This section has collections of rare texts, volumes of encyclopedias on India and the world as well as literature about our state Uttarakhand by renowned writers.

Reading Room:

The entrance to the Library of Pauri Campus has the facility of newspaper section for all users after which the enrolled students and staff members visit the reading room by making an entry in the register maintained by the security guard and library staff for taking access to the Library services. The reading room has well arranged and maintained furniture to sustain the capacity of about hundred users at a time.

Accession and Technical processing of documents:

Total Accessioning till session 2018-19: 117801

Circulation Section:

The students enrolled in college, staff members (Teaching and Non-teaching) and research scholars are registered as users of the library. The register and ledger system of issue and return of books is followed. This section aims to maintain book stacks and make them ready to be availed by the users and students according to a fixed time table of issue and return.

Circulation Unit:

Library Membership 2018-19
Total UG/PG Students Registered 2478
Ph.D Research Scholars 19
M.Phil. Nil
Teachers and Staff 68
Total Number of Membership 2782
Number of Users Visited Library 19437
Number of Books Issued 19842
Average daily visits 300

Computer Lab:

The Lab has ten computer systems which are used for technical and record maintenance activities of the Library by the library staff members. Work is in progress by the college administration to provide fully functional internet facilities through wireless fidelity so that the service can be made available to students and other users also.

SC-ST Book Section:

This section has books of all disciplines dedicated to the registered scheduled caste and scheduled tribe students of the college campus.

Newspaper Section and Periodical Unit:

Activities Pauri Campus
Newspaper Registration 06
Newspaper Display 06 (National Newspapers)

Rule and Regulation:

  • Admission to the library restricted to member only, who may be required to show identity card at entrance. The member most the register with the entry of the membership particulars.
  • Readers should maintain silence in the library and should not disturb to other.
  • Mobile phones use not permitted inside the library building.
  • Members are responsible for book issued and book lost.
  • Do not take out many books from shelves. Take out only required book from the shelves for your reading.

Library Contact.

Mrs. Minta Chouhan

(Librarian In charge)
Mob.: 9410538979

Email: campuslibrary31@gmail.com

Last Updated on 25/11/2019