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                                                   HEMVATI NANDAN BAHUGUNA GARHWAL UNIVERSITY( A Central University )

Tenders Archive

Sr. No. Title Tender Number Tender Opening Date Tender Closing Date File Details
1 New hostel tender 2023-24 SRT Campus, Tehri HNBGU/Hostel Mess/2023/04
File (2.9 MB - English)
2 NOTICE INVITING TENDER ‘‘Face-lifting tasks of nearby areas of Auditorium building the Venue of Convocation of the University. " HNBGU/E.S/2023/1330
File (559.85 KB - English)
3 EXTENSION OF LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF E-TENDER No.HNBGU/ES/ET/2023/01. (Repairing and Maintenance Works in hostels at Birla Campus Srinagar ) HNBGU/ES/ET/2023/01
File (511.12 KB - English)
4 Tender Notice for Computer lab table/partition work in Computer science & Engg. Deptt. Chauras Campus HNBGU/ES/2023/1311
File (624.05 KB - English)
5 Published on Gem Tender Following Bids HNBGU/GEM/2023/aaa
File (1.08 MB - English)
6 Retendered notice For Hostel Mess BGR Campus Pauri HNBGU/Hostel Ness/2023/03
File (4.78 MB - English)
7 BGR Campus Pauri Hostel Tender Cancellation Notice HNBGU/Hostel Mess/2023/01
File (246.4 KB - English)
8 GEM TENDER NOTICE "supply of 50 Desktop computers against Bid No. GEM/2023/B/3987563 of GeM". GEM/2023/B/3987563
File ( - English)
9 E Tender Document for “ Renovation of damaged and seeping sheet roof at Arts Block Pauri Campus . " HNBGU/ES/ET/2023/05
File (1.01 MB - English)
10 Limited Tender Enquiry "Washing/repairing work in different places (allotted houses and emergency works etc) at Srinagar, chauras,campuses of the University". HNBGU/ES/2023/1287
File (688.75 KB - English)